Interior Architectural Fittings and Mounts

Brass fittings including mounts, hooks,bandings and bells

Mount - Curved Fern Leaf

18th Century : Fern leaf mount with curved profile.

Mount - Decorative - Leaf

18th Century : Delicate mount with leaf design on bobbin bead platform.

Mount - Decorative Foliage

19th Century : Rococo foliage design mount.

Mount - Fern Leaf - Chased

19th Century : Hollowed and curled chased fern leaf mount.

Mount - Garniature Set Leg

19th Century : Garniature set corner foot mount with pirouette foot.

Mount - Grapevine Stem with Leaves

18th Century : Grapevive stem mount with spiral of leaves terminating in a bunch of grapes.