Charming hand made character brass backplates mostly from period knob furniture

Backplate - Plain Oval Convex

18th Century : Oval backplate. Delicate shallow convex hollow reverse with rebated rope edge.

Backplate - Plain Round Convex

18th Century : Shallow convex backplate with worn rope edge design and hollow reverse.

Backplate - Raised Large Petal

18th Century : Raised 'jellymould' backplate with hollow reverse.

Backplate - Raised Square

20th Century : Raised hollow square platform backplate with 'pastry cut' scalloped edge.

Backplate - Rectangular Raised Star

19th Century : Raised convex star shape backplate with flat reverse.

Backplate - Reeded Flat Petal

18th Century : Flat petal backplate with teardrop reeding.