Chandelier Ceiling Rose - Light Duty

20th Century : Ceiling rose - light duty with inverted bowl.
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(Note: Measurements are outside max. dimensions unless stated otherwise).

20th Century : Ceiling rose - light duty with inverted bowl.

Option : Three 1 1/2" No. 8 slotted round head colour-matched brass screws.

Diam. ceiling plate 101mm. (4")
Height (base plate to bottom of hook) 56mm. (2 3/16")

Gap in hook 7mm. (1/4")

6mm. (1/4") hole through centre to thread electric cable / steel cable.

Note: This is a cast character ceiling rose, containing minor pitting and pin holes which give it an antique quality as opposed to the thin standard mass produced spun version.

Note: Although the hook should be capable of supporting loads of up to 15 kilos, we decline responsibility of fixing or hook failure. 

Some chandeliers can be very heavy, and to avoid support failure, since the load bearing capabilities of these products is variable, we recommend threading a length of load tested 2mm. steel security wire (available from a marine supplier or most hardware superstores) through the links or hang alongside. Secure with an eye bolt into the underside of the ceiling joist, and a shackle onto the chandelier ring to be supported.

The primary load tested support will therefore be the steel security wire (usually up to 120kg) which is reasonably discreet, and the decorative ceiling rose will provide the visual effect and beomes the secondary means of support.