Chandelier Chain - C Scroll Link

19th Century : Chandelier chain 'C'-scroll design.
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(Note: Measurements are outside max. dimensions unless stated otherwise).

19th Century : Chandelier chain 'C'-scroll design.

Height 68mm. (2 11/16")
Width 50mm. (1 15/16")
Thickness (variable) 8mm. (5/16")

Each link is open at joint making it easy to add or remove links. The rims of the round rings clip over the joints, securing them in position and preventing spread.

External diam. 35mm. (1 3/8")
Internal diam. 24mm. (15/16")
Width 13mm. (1/2")

Distance between one link centre of ring to centre of next ring : 75mm. (2 15/16")

1 link includes 1 ring. (1 extra ring supplied with order).

NOTE: Although the chain should be capable of supporting loads of up to 45 kilos (100 lbs), we decline responsibility of fixing or over-loading failure since the load bearing capabilities of these products is variable,

Some chandeliers can be very heavy, and to avoid support failure, we suggest threading a length of load tested thin steel wire rope (available from a marine supplier) through the links or hang alongside. Secure with an eye bolt into the underside of the ceiling joist, and a shackle onto the chandelier ring to be supported.

The primary load tested support will therefore be the steel wire which is reasonably discreet, and the decorative chain will provide the visual ambience and beomes the secondary means of support.


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