escutcheon - Plain Thread

18th Century : Plain thread escutcheon.
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18th Century : Plain thread escutcheon.

Option : This casting is supplied at a budget price with a basic machine tumble polished finish which is rather dull caused by minute pitting from bead blasting. We can buff polish by hand to a smooth finish as an option if selected by clicking on the OPTION box above, or supply machine polished if left unticked.

Height 18mm. (11/16")
Width top 10mm. (3/8")
Width base 10mm. (3/8")
Depth 3.5mm. (1/8")
Thickness (variable) 2mm. (1/16")

Height 15mm. (9/16")
Diam. of hole 6.5mm. (1/4")
Width at narrowest part of neck 4.5mm. (3/16")
Width at base of taper 7mm. (1/4")

Usually glued in or could be pinned from inside flange.