Table Forks, Clips Bolts and Catches Locks

Character brass table forks clips catches bolts and locks suitable for antique furniture

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Bolt - French Capstan Wardrobe

19th Century : Traditional French capstan bolt.

Bolt - Riveted Sliding Steel

18th Century : Riveted hand-built mild steel sliding bolt with brass knob.

Catch - Large Double Banjo

18th Century : Hand-built sprung loaded large double banjo catch with 2 striking plates.

Catch - Large Single Banjo

18th Century : Hand-built sprung loaded large single banjo catch with striking plate.

Catch - Writing Slope Box Slide Bolt

19th Century : Small sliding bolt finger nail writing slope catch.

Dovetail Table Leaf Slide

19th Century : Dovetail table leaf slide. Used for holding together table leaves and closing up unsightly gaps in a table top.